The Cellar  

Our farmers Cooperative  «Terre di Giafar»  is born in the summer 2008 due to the will of fourteen entrepeneurs from Trapani, determinated to join their forces during a delicate time of economic crisis.  

The project was briefly embraced by almost 60 farmers, convinced to offer their experiences and resourcers to Wine Cellar as well as to achieve an important goal in all over the world. 

Even if the project seems to be impervious as well as unknown, involved farmers took the decision of combining their efforts according to the catchphrase: "per aspera astra" (the way who brings to the stars is disseminated by obstacles). 

Establishment are located in the urban center of Paceco, in a strategic point along the wine-producing territory of the province of Trapani. 

Our wine cellar is provided with advanced technologies, including the establishment of grapes manifacturing, grace must fermentation and wines refinement. Every production is carried on under controlled laboratory conditions. 

Thanks to the moder cisterns made by inox insulated steel as well as traditional  basin, the production of an high quality wine is possible.

Furthermore, the modern line of bottling allow us to be able to produce 2500 bottles per hour, showing how this surplus value will open us the doors of the global market.

Finally, our wine cellar has got a basement area with precious barriques, in which is conserved what will become the best wine ever.



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